South Africa – From Kruger to Cape Town

It’s hard to believe that just a few days ago, we were wrapping up our long vacation by exploring the South African Garden Route and getting one last hike in. We went from winter (albeit a mild one) to summer almost overnight.

Our adventures in South Africa started in Kruger National Park – or rather, just outside of it. We spent three nights at a great lodge (Gomo Gomo) and had a blast on daily drives. Although we had to get up really really early (5am!), seeing the sunrise over the wooded savannah is a memory I will cherish forever. My favorite moment was one such sunrise, when we saw two playful lionesses cross the road. The rising sun cast red and orange light across their faces, adding to the magic of seeing them paw at each other and wrestle.

We then flew to Cape Town, where we explored the city, the Cape of Good Hope, and Cape Point National Park. The weather wasn’t on our side, but we enjoyed seeing penguins and taking a break from the rain to enjoy wine at Groot Constantia. After a few days, we made our way to Knysna, along the famous Garden Route. We went cage diving with the Great White Sharks in Mossel Bay, which was pretty amazing. I wasn’t as scared as I thought I was going to be since it became evident pretty fast that these magnificent sea creatures were not monsters at all (although I wouldn’t call them gentle giants either). Knysna, our last stop, was my favorite. I loved the small seaside town and it’s magnificent forests and marshes. Our last day ended with a bang – we walked cheetahs! at the Tenikwa Rehabilitation Center, saw two lion cubs playing with each other, and finished with a magnificent hike near Plattenberg (Robberg’s point).

Here are a few of my favorite photos from this trip:

Summer2015WM-139Summer2015WM-123Summer2015WM-137 Summer2015WM-138 Summer2015WM-136 Summer2015WM-135 Summer2015WM-134 Summer2015WM-133 Summer2015WM-132 Summer2015WM-131 Summer2015WM-130 Summer2015WM-125 Summer2015WM-126 Summer2015WM-127 Summer2015WM-128 Summer2015WM-129
Summer2015WM-122 Summer2015WM-121 Summer2015WM-120 (I hardly edited this photograph of ostriches hanging out in the National Park. Doesn’t it look like a painting?! The light was just that beautiful.)Summer2015WM-118 Summer2015WM-117 Summer2015WM-116 Summer2015WM-111 Summer2015WM-112 Summer2015WM-113 Summer2015WM-114 Summer2015WM-109 Summer2015WM-108 Summer2015WM-107 Summer2015WM-105 Summer2015WM-101 Summer2015WM-102 Summer2015WM-103


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