South Africa – From Kruger to Cape Town

It’s hard to believe that just a few days ago, we were wrapping up our long vacation by exploring the South African Garden Route and getting one last hike in. We went from winter (albeit a mild one) to summer almost overnight. Continue reading “South Africa – From Kruger to Cape Town”


Five Days in Rwanda

As part of a whirlwind vacation in several countries this summer, Richard and I found ourselves spending an amazing five nights touring this beautiful country. The main purpose was gorilla trekking – which was pretty breathtaking – but we added on a few days to go hiking in a green bamboo forest with golden monkeys and explore Lake Kivu. I’m so glad we did! Continue reading “Five Days in Rwanda”

Senegalese Teranga

The Senegalese are famous for their “teranga” – hospitality in Wolof – and my visit to this beautiful country this month didn’t disappoint. Everyone is eager to help strangers and people are warm and friendly. Although I was visiting for work, I did have the opportunity to stroll around the old colonial town of Saint-Louis (the first capital of Senegal), take a ferry to l’Ile de Goree (with its ominous point of no-return for slaves), and see monkeys down south in Kolda. Overall, it was an amazing trip. I loved the Ceebu Jen (fish and rice), yassa poulet, and all the juices. Bissap was my favorite – a deep burgundy juice made from hibiscus leaves. Continue reading “Senegalese Teranga”

Aloha from the islands of Hawaii and Kauai

The islands of Hawaii and Kauai may be halfway across the globe from Washington, DC, but the long flights are more than worth it. Like, book your ticket now if you haven’t been. I mean it, now!

On the Big Island (as the island of Hawaii is often referred to, to avoid confusing it with the State of Hawaii), we had the opportunity to scuba dive at night with manta rays, an unforgettable experience. One of the top dives in the world, very little can describe what it feels like to sit at 35 feet underwater at night with a flashlight and witness the dance of the manta rays above your head. Although you are not allowed to touch them, they might “pet” you. R was lucky enough to be [gently] grazed by one of these underwater giants. Truly magical [and we highly recommend Jack’s Diving Locker for the trip!]. Also, when on the Big Island, make sure you stop by Da Poke Shack from some great poke (look it up if you don’t know what it is, or maybe it’s just best to try it).

We also flew over to Kauai, the western-most Hawaii island, for the unbelievable scenery of the Napali coast. Also magical. We saw turtles, monk seals, and lots of beautiful fish. We ate great saimin at Hamura’s Saimin and traditional Hawaiian pork laulau at Super J’s. Yum! In any case, I hope you enjoy the photographs below.

Hawaii-13 Hawaii-45 Hawaii-48

It’s Cherry Blossom time!

This past Wednesday, I joined hundreds of other photographers around the tidal basin to capture the magnificent cherry blossoms that announce the beginning of spring in Washington, DC. It’s a bit cheesy/touristy, but they are just so darn beautiful and easy to photograph that I couldn’t resist. Et voila! Below are the results of that expedition.

Blossoms-100 Blossoms-102 Blossoms-104 Blossoms-105 Blossoms-106 Blossoms-107 Blossoms-108 Blossoms-111

Christmas in Germany and Austria

Christmas break has come and gone and I’m left with great memories of wonderful food, wine, beer and company! We spent the holidays with my father in Germany and then jetted off to Salzburg, Austria for a few days to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. It’s absolutely crazy how time flies. And you won’t believe what I did! I forgot my camera at home y’all! Well, good thing for the good quality of iphone cameras. The below pictures turned out pretty great for being snapped on a cell phone.


Unbridled Spirit

The husband and I spend a beautiful Memorial Day weekend in Kentucky. It was our first time there and we were stunned by Kentucky’s rolling hills and green landscape. Our main purpose during those four days: visit as many distilleries as possible. We reached six before we declared ourselves Bourbon-ed out. We also stopped by the cooperage, which was well worth the trip. We were lucky enough to see the charring of the inside of the barrels in action! And if you are curious, the distilleries we did make it to were: Willett (remains R’s favorite), Heaven Hill, Maker’s Mark, Jim Beam, Woodford Reserve, and Buffalo Trace.