Last weekend, I had the pleasure of photographing Jim, Catie and their beautiful baby girl Jane. This California couple and their little girl make an adorable family and it was truly a pleasure to meet them. Here are a few of my favorites from the session: Jane-1-2 Jane-2 Jane-3 Continue reading “Jim+Catie+Jane”


Beth+Nicole+Joseph Newborn Session

I had the great pleasure of spending a morning last weekend with Beth, Nicole, and Joseph, their newborn son.

Seph, as they call him, was born in February and is already ready to explore the world! Beth and Nicole most look forward to traveling with him, which is not surprising, seeing as the couple met in Mali while serving in the Peace Corps. Beth’s mom tagged along for a part of the session, too. It was great meeting all of you! You’ll find a few of my personal favorites below.

Seph-1 Continue reading “Beth+Nicole+Joseph Newborn Session”

Grant @ Ten Days New {Washington, DC Newborn Session}

A couple of weekends ago, I had the pleasure of photographing little Grant and his awesome parents, Kelli and Conrad. I loved their cozy home in Washington, DC with its bright colors and beautiful nursery, where light was abundant. For being ten days old, Grant was surprisingly strong and awake  – and I mean, really, really strong. He also loves being held by his dad and they definitely have a strong father-son bond that is evident even this early. Their sweet pup Nola joined in for a few photos too. Thanks for letting me capture your sweet family! Here are a few of my favorites: Grant-100 Grant-102 Grant-104 Grant-106 Grant-108 Grant-110 Grant-113 Grant-115 Grant-111Grant-116

Jack and Owen {16 Days Old}

One of the pretty amazing parts of the Marine Corps is that no matter how many times  you say goodbye to friends and clients, you are sure to see them again at the same duty station. It’s only a matter of time. Which is why I was so happy that Carrie asked me to capture the first few days of her newborn baby boys, Jack and Owen. Almost two and a half years ago, I was lucky enough to be there to take the same photographs of Carrie and Ryan’s daughter, Grace. I was a bit nervous handling twins, but I think the photographs turned out great. It’s hard to take a bad photo of this adorable family! Congratulations again you guys. You both look radiant and I can see how proud you are of your three beautiful babies!
JackandOwen-7 JackandOwen-3 JackandOwen-33 JackandOwen-35 JackandOwen-39 JackandOwen-47 JackandOwen-52